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Who took the ram from the ramalamadingdong?

"This next song will be like a cock up your arse"

Jesus Christ. 'Wake for a mate' at the Underworld. So so good. Best gig ever, second only to Coheed and Cambria at the Underworld. There is something about that venue. It's fucking ace core. I met Matt Davies and Ryan Richardson [ frontman and drummer ] of Funeral for a Friend. Pictures of me and Matt to come. He was really short. Like, my height. Also met all of Million Dead and the bassist of A. It was fucking ace. Yourcodenameis:milo were damned good too. I got a bit bored during their set but they picked up towards the end of it. I liked Midasuno much much more this time. When they supported Hondo Maclean I wasn't too keen on them, but this time I was impressed. Except when I spoke to the guy afterwards, he said that he hated AFI and Davey Havok. He was pretty scary looking. Like a cross between Davey Havok and Gerad thing of My Chemical Romance. Not the prettiest of combinations.

Then Funeral for a Friend came on. They opened with This years most open heart break. Once I heard that opening riff, I was converted. I take back anything I ever said about Funeral for a friend. They were absolutely fucking amazing. That drummer is so fucking talented. No one else could scream like that and play like that at the same time. I was very impressed. The whole set was great, even though I didn't know all the stuff. I was impressed. Very impressed.

So much for not mentioning bands. So onto my other specialist subject - Piercings. I got my tragus piercing changed from having a ring in it, to having a bar in it. It feels like the bar is going to come out in the night or something as I don't think there is a ball on the side that you can't see, but it all seems to be working and looking alright so I'm not complaining. The next piercing I am going to get in my left ear, after I've gotten the other helix and lobe piercings in my right ear will be a vertical scaffold. Should look pretty good, I'm hoping.

Laura got me listening to Le Tigre again. She described them as 'crazy french electro'. This song is so amusing though. It's like a Grease song gone wrong. Ace.
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